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November 2013 Sweeps: West Palm Beach…

The November 2013 ratings period have been announced for the West Palm Beach TV market…and they are quite telling. Historical market leader WPTV-TV continues to dominate this market, crushing its competition in virtually every news time slot. WPBF-TV take second place, in every slot except for noon, where WPEC-TV finally makes it on the radar (could CBS’s syndicated “The Price is Right” have helped WPEC at noon…hmmm?). H/T to our friends at

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12 2013

Website trys to shame WPB TV and print reporters…

(from – Using an image that’s become the symbol of many protest movements around the world, the owner of a website that appeared this week with the DOBs, and home addresses and private hone numbers of Palm Beach County reporters released a statement today.

After Gossip Extra reached out to the person through the website to ask what’s up, the video above was included in the otherwise-empty email sent in response.

In the statement made in a digitally altered voice, the website operator claims his/her publishing the information is a form of protest against reporters that he/she claims are too “lazy” to cover corruption in Palm Beach County.

So far, he/she is so worked up about the low quality of local media that he/she included private information about dozens of reporters at WPEC-Channel 12 and The Palm Beach Post….Cont….


10 2013

Jenna Caiazzo robbed at gunpoint…

(from – WPEC weekend anchor and reporter Jenna Caiazzo was robbed at gunpoint Friday night in downtown West Palm Beach.

“Last night I was the victim of an armed robbery in downtown West Palm Beach. I was leaving dinner at City Place around 10:30 and was held up at gunpoint by two young black males,” she reported over the weekend. “They demanded my friend’s and my pocketbooks and threatened to shoot. They got away with everything we have.”….Cont….



09 2013

Ric Blackwell back to WPEC…

Our friends at report that former WPEC anchor Ric Blackwell is returning to the West Palm Beach station. He will anchor the station’s weekend newscasts.

If you do not recall, Blackwell and WPEC parted was in 2010 as they station underwent ownership changes and staff shakeups. Before leaving the station, he had been with WPEC for 17 years. For the past three years he has been promoting himself as a jack-of-all-trades, via his website.


09 2013

WPEC dumps 7pm newscasts….

(edited from – WPEC-CBS12 is canceling its 7 p.m. news show over the next few weeks — leaving anchors Ben Becker (right #1) and Stephanie Watson (right#2) to wonder about their jobs! Sources tell Gossip Extra that the two anchors learned about the scheduling change only after seeing a promo for the syndicated Entertainment Tonight.

The 7 p.m. news became a unique local product in the market but never caught on with viewers as it competed since its inception seven years ago against lighter fares like gossip TV and Wheel of Fortune….Cont….


08 2013