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WPLG opens bureau in D.C….

For whatever reason, Miami’s WPLG is opening a news bureau in Washington, D.C… more below

(edited from – More than month after opening the country’s first bureau in Cuba, Miami ABC affiliate WPLG is opening a full time bureau in Washington, D.C.

The station, will launch its new bureau in the next few days. There’s no word yet on who will staff it….Cont….


02 2017

WPLG opens news bureau in Cuba….

(edited from – WPLG reporter Hatzel Vela and photojournalist Brian Ely have become the Miami station’s men in Havana.

The pair arrived last Wednesday to become the South Florida station’s full-time Havana-based crew. That gives WPLG the distinction of being the first local station in the United States to have a news crew in Cuba on a full-time basis.

Local 10 News Havana officially debuts Monday, but when news broke last Thursday that the United States was ending its policy of allowing the entry of Cuban migrants who arrive without visas, the pair had their first big story since the Cuban government granted them approval to set up shop on the island….Cont….

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01 2017

Miami TV goes nuts over Castro muerto…

Saturday night, into Sunday morning proved to be an active time for Miami TV stations. As news came out about Fidel Castro’s death from Cuba, Miami area Cubans took to the streets to celebrate and gather – Miami stations jumped into action. Check out the station websites below. We particularly love the WPLG (10) website, where Castro’s face is pasted into just about every available space. We here at Florida News Center expect the Miami coverage to continue for days, into weeks.

Check out LIVE coverage here:  WPLG  –  WSVN  –  WFOR  –  WTVJ  –  WSCV

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11 2016

VIDEO: Kid steals the show from WPLG reporter…

Watch the YouTube video below as a kid on a bike loses a wheel and crashes face first into the pavement. The scene happened during a live shot with reporter Glenna Milberg on Miami’s WPLG.

//hattip to FTV

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11 2016

LIVE EVENT: Hurricane Matthew TV Coverage…

10/08/2016 – LIVE has concluded

Click the links below to watching LIVE streaming coverage of Hurricane Matthew. Be safe Florida!


West Palm Beach

WPTV/WFLX                WPBF ABC 25               WPEC CBS 12


WFTV ABC 9        WESH NBC 2         WKMG CBS 6          WOFL Fox 35


WSVN Fox 7          WPLG ABC 10          WTVJ NBC 6           WFOR CBS 4


WJXT Ind 4             WTLV/WJXX              WJAX/WFOX


The Weather Channel             Weather Nation


10 2016