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Adrianna Hopkins departs WSVN, headed to NOLA….

Readers of Florida News Center have recently inquired about the whereabouts to WSVN anchor/reporter Adrianna Hopkins. Well now we know where she has gone.

Hopkins departed Miami’s WSVN at the start of the year to head to New Orleans. WDSU-TV announced today that she will be the station’s new 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. anchor. Read the rest of this entry →


01 2015

WFLA does the anchor shuffle…

WFLA has announced that Eugene “Gene” Ramirez (right #1) will be the new weekday morning co-anchor at the Tampa station. He will co-anchor the newscasts from 4:30 to 7 a.m. with co-anchor Gayle Guyardo. He officially starts at the station January 26th.

Sources tell Florida News Center that Ramirez will be filling the chair that is currently occupied by Rod Carter (right #2) . Carter will be moving to the weekend shift, to anchor the evening/night newscasts. Current weekend anchor Josh Thomas (right #3) is moving to the weekday shift and will serve as general assignment reporter. Read the rest of this entry →


01 2015

Ad spending is down in Miami/FTL…

(from – Political spending is still expected to ramp up in Miami, but so far this year it has come in lower than originally expected, leading to an overall decrease in TV spending.

Spending in the Miami TV market is down 5 to 7 percent versus the same point last year because of lower-than-expected political spending and non-political advertisers holding back to avoid being caught up in political ad clutter.

“Political spending was expected to be huge but that has yet to materialize, although polls suggest the governor’s race is close,” says Linda Southern, director of local media buying at Lowe Campbell Ewald….Cont….


09 2014

Louis Aguirre to depart WSVN/Deco Drive…

(edited from Drive anchor Louis Aguirre is on his way out!

After weeks of rumors, a memo sent out to the WSVN-Channel 7 staff Friday confirmed that Aguirre is leaving the Miami station.

Aguirre has accepted another job elsewhere, but he’s keeping the details close to the vest.

“All we know is that it’s something he couldn’t refuse,” said a colleague of Aguirre who asked not to be identified.

Aguirre first appeared on the air in these parts in 1990, at WPLG-Channel 10. He left town for a few years and returned to take over Deco Drive in 2003….Cont….


08 2014

WLTV gets a bird…well, sort of…

UPDATE: 07/23/2014 – Our friends at now report that WLTV’s new “Vision 23″ is in fact, only a vision. The helicopter shown in the promo shot (right) is real, but only serves as a back-up for the other two news helicopter’s in the market (WSVN’s “Skyforce 7″ and WPLG’s shared “Sky 10.” The decked out bird shown in the promos is the former helicopter from WTSP, but does not exist in its “Vision 23″ form shown (right)

WLTV does have access to a helicopter now, but only because the station has joined the sharing agreement between WPLG, WFOR and WTVJ, with WPLG’s Sky 10. Now four TV stations in one market are sharing the same helicopter, leaving only WSVN as the only station in the Miami market to operate its own helicopter.


Our friends at report that Miami Univision affiliate WLTV now has its own news helicopter. The station began running promos several weeks ago, bragging the station’s new toy, dubbed “Vision 23.”

This new bird makes only it only the third TV news helicopter to be used in Miami. WSVN’s “Skyforce 7″ and WPLG’s “Sky 10,” which is shared with comptetitor’s WFOR and WTVJ. also reports that the new WLTV helicopter was formerly WTSP’s “Sky 10″ (left). The helicopter could formerly be seen flying over the skies in the Tampa market, until WTSP joined a helicopter sharing agreement with fellow stations WTVT and WFTS. in 2009.


07 2014