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The FCC tightens media ownership/”sharing” rules…

(from – The Federal Communications Commission voted Monday to crack down on cooperation between broadcasters.

In a contentious vote that attracted scrutiny from Republicans in the agency and on Capitol Hill, the FCC approved an order that will keep broadcast companies from sharing resources on advertising sales.

Under current FCC rules, a single broadcast company cannot own more than one of the top four broadcast stations in a media market.

But prior to the agency’s actions on Monday, a broadcast company could use a Joint Service Agreement (JSA) to control advertising sales across multiple broadcast stations. Critics of this practice said it allowed broadcasters to control multiple stations in practice without technically violating the agency’s ownership rules….Cont….

How could this impact Florida? There are seven markets in Florida where a company owns, manages or has influence on more than one TV station in a market: West Palm Beach (WPTV & WFLX), Jacksonville (WAWS & WTEV, WTLV & WJXX), Pensacola/Mobile (WEAR & WFGX, WPMI & WJTC…soon to be WKRG/WALA/WFNA), Fort Myers (WBBH & WZVN), Tallahassee (WTWC, WTLH, WTLF), and Gainesville/Ocala (WGFL, WMYW, WNBW), Orlando (WOFL & WRBW), Miami (WTVJ & WSCV).


04 2014

Sinclair announces the purchase of five FL stations….

Sinclair Broadcast Group announced on Wednesday that it will purchase eight stations from New Age Media, for $90 million. Five of those stations include WTLH Fox 49 & WTLF CW 24 in Tallahassee and the Gainesville Television News (GTN) group of stations WNBW NBC 9, WGFL CBS 4, & WMYG-LP MyTV 11. The other three stations are WOLF-TV, WOMY-TV, & WSWB-TV in the Wilkes-Barre-Scranton, PA market.

As far as the Florida stations are concerned, to comply with FCC TV ownership rules (HA!), Sinclair will sell the license and assets of WTLH-TV, and WNBW-TV to Cunningham Broadcasting Corp and WTLF-TV to Deerfield Media. All Cunningham and Deerfield stations operate under local media agreements and other arrangements under the umbrella of Sinclair Broadcast Group.

While Sinclair, Cunningham, and Deerfield are all technically separate companies, Cunningham and Deerfield are connected to Sinclair and former Sinclair executives. One might conclude that this might allow the broadcasting giant to skirt the loosely enforced and virtually ignored broadcast ownership laws set forth the the FCC…or so we hear.

While these properties will eventually be divided up between the three new owners mentioned above, the acquisition/sale of these stations markets will now be the 4th and 5th Florida markets where Sinclair owns at least one station, as well as the 3rd and 4th Florida markets where Sinclair Broadcast Group owns or has influence over more than two local stations (a traditional duopoly set-up) in one market and the markets where Sinclair owns at least one station.

  • Four stations in West Palm Beach – (O&O: WPEC-TV, WTVX-TV, WTCN-TV, WWHB-CA)
  • Four stations in Pensacola/Mobile – (O&O: WEAR-TV, WFGX-TV – LMA (Deerfield):WPMI-TV, WJTC-TV)
  • Three stations in Gainesville – (O&O: WGFL-TV, WMYG-LP, LMA (Cunninghma): WNBW-TV)
  • Three stations in Tallahassee – (O&O: WTWC-TV, LMA (Cunningham): WTLH-TV, LMA (Deerfield): WTLF-TV)
  • One station in Tampa – (O&O: WTTA-TV)


So we here at Florida News Center must ask several questions…

  1. What happens to Gainesville Television News? GTN was created in Oct of 2010 and simulcasts a single newscast between its three stations (WGFL, WNBW, WMYG)
  2. Will the acquisition of WTLH and WTFL create an avenue for a shared newscast on WTLH/WTFL and WTWC?
  3. What will happen to the employees at Sinclair’s (Deerfield/Cunningham) new and previously owned stations?

Stay tuned to Florida News Center for the latest…


09 2013

Changes in Tallahassee…

Viewers in the Tallahassee market may have noticed recent changes at WTLH Fox 49 and WTXL ABC 27. Both stations have updated their graphics and news music packages. WTLH has adopted the Fox O&O style (also used on FL stations WTVT, WOFL, WOFX, WAWS and WFLX). WTXL on the other hand has adopted a newer version of the graphics package used on its sister station in Sarasota, WWSB.

Check out the changes below, c/o of the YouTube videos below. – Thank you to Anonymous!

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06 2012

UPDATE: Fox eyes Tallahassee….

UPDATE 10:30am – After posting the story below, representatives from New Age Media (the owners of WTLH) contacted us to deny rumors that Fox is looking to purchase the station. “WTLH is NOT for sale,” says New Age Media President Michael Yanuzzi.

We believe Mr. Yanuzzi. However, Florida News Center stands by its sources that have delivered reliable information time and time again. This wasn’t the first time we have heard about Fox being interested in WTLH (and other FL non-Fox affiliates). That said, if you read the story below we never said that WTLH was for sale just that “rumor says” Fox was interested.


Sources tell Florida News Center that Newscorp has been eyeing Tallahassee’s WTLH Fox 49. The station, owned by New Age Media, LLC runs sister CW Network station WFXU and produces a newscast, made in cooperation with competitor WCTV CBS 6. Rumor has it that Fox wants to have a stronger news prescence in Florida and wants to buy WTLH or at least partially fund and bolster its news operation. Fox already owns and operates affiliates WTVT (Tampa), WOFL (Orlando) and WOGX (Ocala/Gainesville). WTLH has already adopted the Fox O&O graphics package and uses a Fox O&O style logo (similar to WOFL, right) on newscasts, but continues to use the logo above/left as general station branding. WTLH has also adopted the “myfoxCity” website branding with its URL Stay tuned for further information.

On a side this the start of a Fox take over of FL? Probably not, but Fox has snatched up website addresses for other non-Fox owned FL markets. Example:,,,,



02 2010

FL Fox affiliates dump Obama for dancing fools…

President Obama’s address to Congress tonight was ignored by most FOX network affiliates across the country, to play the scheduled premiere?episode of “So You Think You Can Dance.” All ten Florida FOX affiliates did not air the address for “Dance.”

I don’t often offer commentary on the main page, but your webmaster found this action, by FOX and their affiliates, truly insulting to America and it’s viewers, despite who the President is. This was a MAJOR address and should have been broadcast…FOX should be ashamed.

Below is a list of Florida FOX affiliates and their Obama address coverage:

  • WTVT-13 (Tampa/St Petersburg) – Did NOT air, did simulcast on website
  • WSVN-7 (Miami/Fort Lauderdale) – Did NOT air, did simulcast on website
  • WOFL-35 (Orlando/Daytona Beach) – Did NOT air, did simulcast on sister station WRBW/website
  • WFLX-29 (West Palm Beach) – Did NOT air
  • WAWS-30 (Jacksonville/Brunswick,GA) – Did NOT air, aired on CBS sister station WTEV
  • WALA-10 (Mobile,AL/Pensacola) – Did NOT air, did simulcast on website
  • WFTX-36 (Fort Myers/Naples) – Did NOT air
  • WTLH-49 (Tallahassee/Thomasville,GA) – Did NOT air
  • WPGX-28 (Panama City/Ft Walton Beach) – Did NOT air
  • WOGX-50 (Gainesville/Ocala/Lake City) – Did NOT air

And if you didn’t see the address, watch it below via CNN


09 2009