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November 2013 Sweeps – Tampa/St. Petersburg…

The November 2013 books for the Tampa/St. Petersburg market have been released. WFTS-TV narrowly beats WTVT-TV for first place in the 5:00, 5:30, and 6:00pm news slots. The numbers below demonstrate a virtual tie between WFLA-TV and WTSP-TV for the same time slots. In the late 11:00pm news half hour, WFTS also takes first place with a 2.3 rating, followed by WTSP (1.4), WFLA (1.1), WTVT (1.1), and Bay News 9 (0.6).

A press release from WFTS boasts that the November 2013 results “mark over 20 months in a row” that WFTS has “won the 24-54 demography in the evening and late newscast” time slots. WFTS started an upward trend in these ratings time slots during 2011.

Ratings for morning and noon results were not available at the time of this publication. However, if trends have stayed the same expect for WTVT, WFLA, and Bay News 9 to lead these time slots, followed by WFTS and WTSP. Stay tuned for more results.

Nov. ‘13 (25-54 rating)




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Bay News 9






12 2013

Kristin Wright to Washington, D.C….

WTVT-TV weekend anchor, Kristin Wright is leaving the Tampa station. She will begin as a general assignment reporter at WRC-TV, the NBC owned station in Washington, D.C. on December 16.

Wright started at WTVT 2008, but was then promoted to weekend anchor and week day reporter in 2011. Before WTVT she worked in Harrisburg (PA), Binghamton (NY), and Detroit (MI).


12 2013

Man arrested for threatening Tampa news crews…

(from – A man has been arrested after allegedly threatening reporters who were covering the shooting death of a 2-year-old in Lakeland on Tuesday, Polk County deputies said.

According to an affidavit, two reporters from Fox 13 News in Tampa arrived on a Lakeland neighborhood about 4:30 p.m. to report on the death of the boy when Mark Jerome Bonar, 48, 2525 Cetra Court, came out of his house and demanded the reporters leave. Bonar also demanded that the reporters not speak to his mother, who was standing near the street….Cont….

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11 2013

UPDATE: WTSP bails from Tampa LNS, staff shuffled…

UPDATE: 10/24/13 9:25am – In response to our inquiries, WTSP-TV VP/GM Elliott Wiser explains what is happening with the LNS and WTSP. The local news sharing agreement that WTSP, WFTS, and WTVT have participated in since 2009, “had expired back in 2012.” Since the expiration of the LNS, WTSP (WTVT/WFTS) has continued to participate in the sharing of video/resources, Ad hoc until this past month. Wiser explained that the current LNS situation was “just not working” for the station.

On the lay-off of WTSP staffers, Wiser explains that the LNS positions (of which the three photographers had been part of) are no longer needed. However, those positions are being “repurposed in the newsroom.” While technically those three photographers are currently without a position with the station, Wiser tells FNC that they were all offered “and encouraged” to apply for the new newsroom positions. As for Tallahassee bureau reporter Dave Heller, who is a freelancer, he will continue to be used as needed.

As for the helicopter, Wiser explains that WTSP will still be participating in the sharing of the WFTS operated, generic “NEWS” helicopter. This part of the LNS agreement is separate from the video/resource LNS mentioned above. Stay tuned for any further changes.


10/23/13 – 20:45 – Multiple sources tell Florida News Center that Tampa’s WTSP-TV is bailing from the local news sharing (LNS) agreement between the station, WTVT-TV and WFTS-TV. The order came from new VP/GM Elliott Wiser, who joined the station this past June from Bright House Networks/Bay News 9.

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10 2013

A suspect is shot LIVE on TV – to air, or not to air…

Friday morning and into the early afternoon proved to be a tense day for those living in north Tampa and for local Tampa television stations. Late last night 24 y/o man was believed to have committed several home invasions, sexual assaults and robberies. Authorities spotted the suspect driving around noon time, resulting in a spin out of the car and shoot-out after.

As the chase went on, local stations began to feed into the areal video from the single helicopter shared by local stations WTSP, WFTS and WTVT. (These stations have shared a helicopter and its video feeds since 2009). WTVT picked up the video live, just as the shoot out began (check out that video below), while WFTS and WTSP cut away from the video as those shots began. WFLA, who has its own helicopter recorded the video live, but did not air the shooting live. Surprisingly, WTVT aired the shooting video multiple times during its noon newscast, while other local stations opted to not show that video at that time.

Sources from multiple local stations tell Florida News Center that the decision to air the shooting video was either an split second decision, or one that caught the stations off guard (in the case of WTVT below). However, by the 5pm show all of the local stations were showing the shooting video during newscasts.

Local 24hour cable channel Bay News 9 did not record the chase and shoot out as it happened. However, they did catch the suspect riding in to the ambulance as it was police escorted to Tampa General Hospital. BN9 followed the caravan right up to the emergency room entry.

 Check out the raw feed from the LNS helicopter (WFTS, WTSP, WTVT) , HERE!

Check out the WFLA helicopter view HERE!



09 2013